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When a garage door is working well you probably hardly think about as you get your car in and out. However, as soon as it begins to stick and opening and closing becomes difficult then you immediately become frustrated. That’s when you need to call in the experts from Anglia Door Services Ltd to fix it for you.

Most overhead garage doors, whether they are sectional or up and over doors operate on spring tension. The door moves on metal tracks on the garage walls, and a heavy spring or springs counter balance the weight of the door so it moves easily. Problems with the tracks or the spring mechanism itself can prevent smooth operation or even seize it up altogether.

If the problem is with the tracks, our expert will check these out. He ensure that all of the fittings are firmly secured and that the tracks are properly aligned. Sometimes cleaning and lubricating the tracks will be sufficient to get the door running smoothly again. If the tracks are slightly dented or damaged it may be possible to correct this but if the damage is more serious the tracks might need to be replaced.

Sometimes the torsion spring or springs can become broken or damaged. These springs are very strong and it is very dangerous to try to replace these yourself. Our experts have all the right equipment to replace and re-tension springs. They can soon have your garage door working smoothly again – and you won’t give it a second thought as you go to your garage.

We are based in Lowestoft and operate throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. Give us a call on 01502 587929 and we will be happy to repair your garage door for you.

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