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Carteck insulated side hinged garage doors combine a classic, contemporary feel with superior build quality. They are recognised as one of the most reliable and secure insulated garage doors on the market. Plus, all doors come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty (subject to t’s and c’s).

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Unrivalled Premium Features

Robust concealed hinges

All insulated side hinged doors have hidden hinges. Having the hinges on the inside of the door not only makes it look better, but it also makes it harder for someone to try and break in by prying the door open. Moreover, the concealed hinges offer the added benefit of increased drive through width of up to 80mm compared to surface mounted hinges.

Door stays

These robust spring dapened stays keep the door open in a secure position. Just push a button to close it. If your door is less than 780mm wide, you won't need a stay. You can choose a foot-operated stay as an alternative option. Please note, these stays aren't designed for extremely windy days.

Standard lipped threshold

This door comes with a 3-part aluminium theshold and a raised weather strip that helps keep out dust and dirt. The threshold includes a special thermal break that reduces heat transfer.

Stainless steel handles and security locking

These super strong stainless steel handles and locks not only look great, but they're also really tough. The latch and dead bolt combo will keep your stuff safe and sound. The thumb turn operates the lock from the inside. The lock cylinder is anti-drill and anti-pick, certified to BS EN1303 Cylinder Security Grade 2 standard.

Double weather strips and mitred corners

There is a weather strip that runs around the door leaf. The door frame itself benefits from a three-sided weather strip for strict draft reduction. The corner profiles are mitre jointed for a ultra neat finish.

Flush bolt security

Flush bolts have been secured to the top and bottom of the inactive leaf for added security. Each bolt has an adjustable flush bolt plate for greater verstility on the postion of the leading edge on the inactive leaf as seals compress over time.

Styles of door

The CarTeck range of insulated side-hinged garage doors come in a range of 5 styles, available either horizontal or vertical. All of the designs shown are available with any combination of finish (excluding Georgian panel) and colour.

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