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Have you considered a roller garage door?

Anglia Door Services offer FREE installation on all garage doors

Roller doors are becoming increasingly popular and have many advantages over the more usual up and over doors.  They provide a very secure solution, keeping your car and garage very safe.  The mechanism is very neat, just at the top of the door and not taking up valuable space inside the garage.  Also, outside the garage, cars can be parked close to it without needing to leave clearance  for it opening outwards.

Roller doors are ideal for automation, making coming in and out of the garage very easy and convenient.  On a wet and windy night you can open the door and drive into the garage without even getting out of the car.

Roller doors are manufactured from twin-walled aluminium and can be either un-insulated or insulated. They are available in a wide range of colours  and will be sure to enhance the appearance of your property.

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